Buying A Timeshare

When a customer purchases a timeshare property through our company, everything will be done from the comfort of their ow home. Here are the steps:


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Once a buyer and seller have agreed to a price, we are responsible for generating contracts for both parties. Documents are sent to each party via email, then we ask both parties to exercise due diligence and to return contracts within 24 hours from the time it is received.


Buyer shall be required to place a deposit in order to secure the inventory and to reassure the seller that he/she is a bona fide buyer. Such deposit will be put in the closing company’s escrow account which at closing, the deposit is applied towards the purchase price. Buyer shall receive with the contract, instructions as to how to proceed with the payment.


Once the documents are back, we forward them to the closing agency. The closing company will open an escrow account and place the buyer’s deposit immediately. A verification of the seller’s property will be conducted by sending the resort an estoppel form. This form confirms what the seller owns, if occupancy is available for next year, and if all the fees are current.


If there are no discrepancies with the estoppel form, then the closing company starts preparing the closing documents for both parties. The buyer shall send the closing company the remaining funds for the purchase price and the amount due for closing costs along with the closing documents.


Once the closing documents are returned with all funds due, the closing company disburses the funds to the seller and schedules a date to record the deed at the county courthouse. The entire process from the moment we receive signed contracts, it usually takes about 30 to 45 days. If you’d like to buy into a specific club, or would like to learn more, please be sure to contact us

Step 1

Selling your timeshare with us is very simple and risk free. We do not charge any fees up front. Our job is to expose your property by advertising it on the web with some of the most visited timeshare websites in the US. We also have a network of brokers throughout the country that can obtain buyers for us. Our commission, which is 15% or $2,000, whichever one is greater, is deducted from the proceeds at the end of the transaction. We get paid at the same time as the seller.


As to how quick we can sell your timeshare, that depends very much on how accurately we price your property, which is based on supply and demand, but most important, how aggressive you want to be compared to other sellers listing an identical or similar product. We’ll assist you with giving you an estimate for the resale value of your ownership.


Once the seller decides to move forward with selling his/her property, we prepare a listing agreement and email it to the seller. The length of the agreement is typically six months. Any offers presented to us, shall be communicated to the seller. It’ll be her/his decision to accept, decline or counter-offer every offer.


Once both parties have agreed on a price and contracts are signed, the buyer places a minimum deposit in the amount of $1000,to secure the inventory and remove it from the market, and to also demonstrate to the seller that the buyer has all intentions of moving forward with the purchase. If you’d like to sell your timeshare, or would like to learn more, please be sure to contact us by phone or through the contact form.

Selling A Timeshare

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Renting A Timeshare

Renting a timeshare is a great alternative if you’re not prepared to own quite yet. We have hundreds of owners that are more than happy to rent their villas out in the years they cannot use


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How does the rental process work: simply let us know what dates you’re looking for, the villa size and the area you’re traveling to and we’ll present you with the available units meeting your search criteria. From there, once you and the rental-owner have agreed on a price, we’ll verify the reservation, prepare the rental contracts, collect funds, transfer the reservation into your name and pay the rental owner. It’s that simple.


Why rent from a rental-owner instead of a developer? Developers always inflate their prices to renters. On the other hand, someone looking to rent out their timeshare simply wants to a small profit. As an example, some resorts rent for about $4,000 per week through a developer but you can rent the same unit for $2,500 through a rental owner.

Below is information about the process you go thorough for buying, selling, or renting your timeshare.

the process

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