Learn About Marriott Destination Points

aka Vacation Club Points

Marriott Destination Points, also known as Marriott Trust Points or Marriott Vacation Club Points, Are part of a flexible points system for vacation destinations. With Marriott Destination Points, you receive access to a variety of properties, rather than limiting yourself to a specific property.

Marriott Destination Points are effectively a vacation currency. Using your Marriott Destination Points allows you to access a wide variety of vacation destinations around the world at any time of year.

Marriott Destination Points in Orlando, FL

Owning Marriott Destination Points has multiple advantages, including:

• Flexible dates, length of stay, and location
• Rollover of unused points
• Multiple destination options
Marriott Destination Points can be used throughout the year in multiple increments, allowing you to choose one long vacation or several weekend excursions. The Points can be used for any available Marriott Destination property, giving you the flexibility and options you deserve.

Marriott Destination Points can be converted to Marriott Reward Points for further flexibility. Owners of Destination Points also have the ability to exchange any points directly through Marriott rather than through Interval International, simplifying the process.

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