Benefits of Timeshares

An estimated 100 million American families take a much-needed vacation each year. Before you visit endless travel sites and try to book a hotel, consider a timeshare. Timeshare properties allow several families to enjoy a beautiful vacation property without the hassle and expense of independently owning a rental property.

Here are a few of the many benefits of timeshare ownership.

Timeshares Are Less of a Hassle and Expense Than Hotels

Think back to the last time you planned a family vacation. How long did it take to find a great hotel deal or an affordable place for meals? Imagine multiplying this amount of time and money by several years. A timeshare is ready and waiting for you each time your family wants to enjoy quality time with less hassle.

Timeshares are houses or resort properties, which means they have a kitchen and laundry facilities. The amount of money you can save cooking meals and doing your own laundry, rather than eating each meal at a restaurant and sending your laundry out to be cleaned, is worth the yearly costs of timeshare ownership.

Hotels are often less glamorous than they appear on online travel sites as well. Your timeshare will remain well-maintained and ready to enjoy, and you will know exactly what is in store.

Timeshares Are More Cost Effective Than Vacation Homes

Before you purchase a vacation home, think about the cost of sole ownership. It is similar to your primary household and includes:

  • Property taxes
  • Repairs
  • Furnishings and decorative items
  • Lawn care
  • Water, sewer, and electricity

A timeshare’s expenses are split between everyone who owns the property. This means that you will only pay a portion of yearly costs. Resort timeshare facilities also offer a variety of amenities for you to enjoy, such as a gym, pool, tennis courts, childcare, golf, and other extracurricular activities.

You would be responsible for the maintenance of a vacation home even when you are not there. Many vacation home owners hire a groundskeeper or service to periodically clean and make sure there is not any property damage. This is another expense that you don’t need to worry about, if you purchase a timeshare.

Most timeshares instead charge the owners a yearly maintenance fee.  This fee replaces the utilities and other expenses that come with owning a vacation home.

Timeshares Are Family Friendly

Even the most spacious hotel room begins to feel cramped when you are on vacation with kids. A timeshare is a house or a resort property that comes complete with all the comforts of home, including a kitchen, laundry facility, and separate bedrooms for each of your kids and you to enjoy some alone time.

Most timeshares have several bedrooms that will accommodate your extended family as well. Go ahead and plan a yearly family reunion and host it in the home-like comfort of your timeshare. If you don’t use your block of time, you can offer it to friends and family as well. Some timeshare owners even auction off their block of time for charity.

Many timeshare contracts allow owners to sublet their time block. If your have to cancel your travel plans, you can rent out your block of time to an outside party, which can pay for your lost time and might even turn a profit.

Timeshares Are Flexible

When you purchase a timeshare, you agree to split the costs of a house or resort property. In exchange, you and the other owners each schedule time at the house. For example, each timeshare owner might get one month in the house. However, what if your plans change and you must reschedule your vacation? Or what if you need to cancel your yearly vacation all together?

Don’t give up on the idea of enjoying a family vacation and instead, talk to your fellow owners about switching weeks. Some timeshare owners even swap properties, which allows them to enjoy time in other timeshares around the world. Timeshare ownership affords you the flexibility to change your plans, reschedule a family vacation, or stay at comfortable timeshares around the world.

Timeshares Expand Your Circle of Friends

Whether you are entering retirement and want to meet new people to enjoy a round of golf, are newlyweds who love to travel, or are a young couple who want to find other families with kids, there is a timeshare option for you.

There is a timeshare for people of any age and activity level. It is easy to find a timeshare that allows you to relax and enjoy your time away from home with like-minded individuals who share your interests.

Timeshare ownership has many benefits, including flexibility and the comfort that comes with staying in a home rather than a hotel during your family vacation. Contact the professionals at Magical Realty about all your questions relating to timeshares.