4 Reasons Why Florida Is an Ideal Family-Friendly Timeshare Destination

Palm Beach, Florida, USA at Worth Ave.

Palm Beach, Florida, USA at Worth Ave.For many Americans, modern life is busy, stressful, and relentless. This is true for single people, but if you add a child, or two into the mix, then the pressures of daily life can sometimes feel overwhelming. It’s no wonder that vacations are almost sacred occasions for many families around the country.

In fact, some research has shown that taking a vacation plays a vital part in maintaining good physical and mental health as well as helping to reduce overall stress levels. For families with children, vacations also give you time to bond, have adventures, and form memories that will last a lifetime.

For many families, purchasing a timeshare through the resale market is an appealing choice. Buying a resale timeshare is far more affordable than buying property from developers, and it is a great way to ensure a stress-free, relaxing, and comfortable vacation. Yet, it can sometimes be difficult to decide which vacation destination will be the best choice for your family.

If you’re a family with children, then Florida is a fantastic option for your new timeshare. Here are four reasons why Florida may be the ideal choice for your family.

1. Plenty of Accommodation Options

When it comes to accommodation options, Florida has a wealth of choices for you. Unlike many less populated and less popular vacation destinations, Florida has a wide range of resorts and hotels that offer timeshare. Whether you like a large, bustling resort or a more intimate and quiet hotel, you’ll be able to find the perfect option in Florida.

Florida also provides some fun and unique accommodation options that uniquely appeal to families with children. For example, Disney has a number of resorts and hotels in Florida with exciting themes, such as the Animal Kingdom or Polynesian-style villas.

You can also choose between beach side settings, a destination close proximity to your favorite theme park, or a city location. Many people also like either a quaint and timeless style or a more contemporary and exciting resort or hotel.

2. Lots to See and Do

Purchasing a timeshare means that your family will return to the same holiday destination each year, often for many consecutive years. Therefore, you need to choose a destination that will hold your interest and continue to provide unique experiences year after year. In this regard, Florida is certainly an excellent choice.

With countless beautiful beaches, theme parks, and rich cultural experiences, Florida has something for everyone. For families with children, this is particularly important as they begin to grow up and their idea of fun changes with their age.

3. A Great Winter Escape

Depending on where you live, winter can be fairly brutal and may seem like it will never come to an end.¬†Even if you don’t live in a part of the country that experiences extreme winter weather, you may find yourself longing for some sunshine and warmth well before spring begins.

Florida is one of the warmest states in America and enjoys around 2800 hours of sunlight each year, according to Weather Atlas. This makes it a perfect destination if you want to escape the winter blues and soak up some sunshine and vitamin D to tide you through until springtime. Better yet, even during the winter months, Florida still has balmy water temperatures thanks to the tropical currents that pass by the coastline.

Winter is also a great time of year to visit Florida to ensure that your vacation isn’t marred by excessive rainfall. The dry season runs from November through April, which means you’ll be able to make the most of your vacation without worrying about your umbrella.

4. Excellent Resale Potential

Purchasing a timeshare does involve an element of commitment, and as mentioned above, it means that you’ll be returning to the same vacation spot for several years running. Florida provides you with plenty to do and see, but after a while, you may feel like moving on to another location for some new adventures. In this scenario, you may want to resell your timeshare in order to purchase another one.

The good news about buying a timeshare in Florida is that you aren’t likely to have much difficulty if you do decide to resell it. Florida has long been considered to be the vacation capital of the country. This status is looking even more fitting, with a record number of tourists visiting the state in 2018. Experts predict that 2019 will see even larger numbers of people who want to soak up the Florida sun.

If Florida sounds like the ideal family-friendly destination for your future timeshare vacation purchase, then contact the experienced team at Magical Realty. We specialize in facilitating the sale and purchase of timeshares from existing owners. With our knowledge of the timeshare market and a wide range of timeshare resale properties available in Florida, we can help you find the new vacation destination of your dreams.