Aruba Surf Club Review

Marriott’s Aruba Surf Club rests on a prime piece of Palm Beach real estate on Aruba’s west coast in what is known by locals as the “high-rise” area of Aruba. The benefit of being nestled amidst the heart of the high-rise area is that it gives the guests of the Aruba Surf Club easy access to shopping, dining, and drinking. This resort is impressive the moment you lay eyes on it as you cross the adorable bridge leading into the grounds. And boy, are the grounds impressive…The resort is mammoth, with 450 large rooms. One doesn’t really get a full idea of the scale of the resort until having had a chance to meander around and really check it out.

Since this is Marriott, the front-desk staff were very friendly, and check-in didn’t take too long. Marriott is known for excellent customer service.

The majority of the units at the Surf Club are two-bedroom units which can then be locked off into a 1-bed unit and a studio unit which can be used consecutively, concurrently, or at differing times within the season owned.

Marriott’s Aruba Surf Club offers free WiFi that extends impressively to the beach area so that people can look at pretty pictures of pretty beaches on their social media feeds while sitting and posting their own pretty beach pictures. Pretty cool.

You will find ample charging port outlets in the villas, as Marriott has done an excellent job of outfitting the rooms for our connected lives. All the outlets are United States style, so Americans won’t need power adapters.

There are numerous dining options both in the resort and in the surrounding high rise area including a Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse in the Marriott hotel nearby. You’ll really enjoy exploring the many amazing restaurants on the happy island.

Sports fans can stay plugged into their favorite teams and sports over at the Aruba Ocean Club next door. Champions is the sports bar there, and say hello to Stacey, head bartender there. She’s a Flyers fan, somehow.

The Surf Club has one major draw that families seem to love – a lazy river. In fact , the whole pool complex at the Surf Club can be seen from space:

If you’re traveling with kids this is a great resort to visit – the beach, lazy river and legendary Marriott customer service, all in the best location in Aruba. What’s not to love? It’s hard to imagine a tropical resort better designed for family entertainment. The resort’s garden courtyard is a playground for kids, with a lazy river pool that winds itself more than 150 yards through tropical plant-filled gardens, gurgling waterfalls and around pool bars and Jacuzzis and Pono Kai. Kids can grab a raft and spend all day exploring its nooks and crannies, while parents can relax with a margarita and lounger chair, safe in the knowledge that their children are both contained and entertained.

Indeed, with three restaurants and a kids’ club, it would be easy to spend your entire vacation in the resort.

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